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Yesterday, I watched a movie called Thoroughly Modern Millie, starring Julie Andrews. It was made in 1967, but set in 1922. I think that seeing movies from the past portray “history” is always interesting, because as culture changes, every decade, it tints the way we look at the past. I’ll also mention now that I […]

Yesterday I watched the pilot for Caprica, the spin-off series which is supposed to show the final years of a prosperous civilization before the cylons show up and blast everyone to hell (as seen in Battlestar Galactica). I don’t think I’ll be watching the series, and I’m not here to discuss much about plot or […]

Today I wanted to talk about the representation of homosexual women in two movies which would be categorized as romantic comedies (unless the categorization in question has a LBGT category, in which case they’d be shuffled over there). The movies in question are Imagine Me & You (2005) and Gray Matters (2006). I recommend both, […]

Edited and reposted — sorry about the new-blog shuffling that’s going on. The other day, I started reading this Young Adult fantasy novel called Twilight with Fairies Wicked Lovely. Despite being Young Adult fantasy (which I consider suspect by nature), it had received decent reviews, and the premise sounded intriguing.

Today on Genevieve’s reviews of books and movies, we have a 1990s animated Musical, the Swan Princess. This will be especially fun if you remember my review of Sleeping Beauty.

Spoilers may follow.

After watching the Princess and the Frog (which is amazing and adorable, by the way), I felt compelled to track down and watch some more Disney princess movies, starting with Sleeping Beauty. Since I’m now watching movies from a feminist perspective, instead of the 6-year-old perspective I had when I last saw this film, I […]