Welcome to Sexism Ex Machina: Because Sexism causes Plotholes.


Welcome to Sexism Ex Machina, my repository of snarky reviews of books, movies and whatever else catches my fancy! I started this blog because I found I kept putting up humorous rants about the books and movies I’d just finished on my personal journal, and the reaction was positive enough to drive me to a site of my own.

Our artistic products say a lot about the values of the society we live in, and I’m interested to hear what other people think about the questions I raise. Sexism is a priority, but racism, consumerism, and a variety of other isms also get my panties in a twist.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to the books and movies that will appear here. They just happen to be the ones I’ve read or watched, the ones where the plotholes made me laugh, or where the racist stereotypes kept bothering me.

Once upon a time, I took a class on Women in Cinema, and have thought of myself as a feminist ever since.  Raising my cultural awareness is an ongoing project for me, and if I can spread that awareness while making a few people laugh or stop and think, then I’ve done my best.

Thanks for reading!


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