Jennifer’s Body


This will be a short post, but I wanted to highly recommend the recent film Jennifer’s Body, with Megan Fox. I was initially unsure about it, since the description was that a possessed cheerleader starts killing off her male classmates, and my reaction was “… and? … that’s it?”

I love a well-done horror film, and this was a well-done horror film, with plenty of dark comedy mixed in. The humor of the movie was a lot like Teeth, which I also recommend, but less teenage awkwardness and more ass-kicking awesomeness.

I’m also usually pretty picky about horror films that I’ll watch, because I hate slasher films, torture films, and anything that has scantily clad females who have no personalities and only exist to be mistreated and eventually brutally slaughtered. Or, and this is Film Studies 101, in addition to being the topic of my last post, women in films who kill men are almost invariably characterized as monsters and horribly punished (by men) for their crime.

Jennifer’s Body is none of these things. (Well, okay, it might be a little bit slasher.) It’s amazing and hilarious, go watch it.


3 Responses to “Jennifer’s Body”

  1. 1 Alex

    Hey Gen, it’s me (rupe). I just wanted to let you know I have a new blog here at the link. Also, I really do want to see Jennifer’s Body, but I don’t have a sub to netflix yet….hopefully sooon.

  2. 2 Jill

    Heh. I *loved* Jennifer’s Body. It was hilarious in just the right way, and even some of the horror was done well. Megan Fox annoys the crap out of me, but it worked in this film.

    Also I loved the boy who played Chip. When I saw this movie I had just read about the Scott Pilgrim movie being made and thought he’d be a perfect Scott (I still hold to that). Instead he was cast as Young Neil. Speaking of which, you need to read the comics if you haven’t already. DO IT NOW!!!

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