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Do not understand why the internet is so excited about the new trailer for Thale. I love mythology, Scandinavian film, and horror, especially combined. (Have I told you about my favorite horror movie of all time, Sauna? It’s gorgeous, go watch it right now.) But even though there’s not much to the teaser, it doesn’t […]

This will be a short post, but I wanted to highly recommend the recent film Jennifer’s Body, with Megan Fox. I was initially unsure about it, since the description was that a possessed cheerleader starts killing off her male classmates, and my reaction was “… and? … that’s it?” I love a well-done horror film, […]

This is going to be a long post. We’re talking about Chicago–you know, the recent musical?–and its many versions, focusing on how hollywood and the media presents women murderers, and how that has changed over the past century. Should be fun. Spoilers ahead, as always, if you haven’t seen the recent movie.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the recent Memoirs of a Geisha book and movie, or any of the other recent representations of Geisha culture by American writers and filmmakers, but if you can think of any, keep them in mind.

Yesterday, I watched a movie called Thoroughly Modern Millie, starring Julie Andrews. It was made in 1967, but set in 1922. I think that seeing movies from the past portray “history” is always interesting, because as culture changes, every decade, it tints the way we look at the past. I’ll also mention now that I […]

Today I wanted to talk about the representation of homosexual women in two movies which would be categorized as romantic comedies (unless the categorization in question has a LBGT category, in which case they’d be shuffled over there). The movies in question are Imagine Me & You (2005) and Gray Matters (2006). I recommend both, […]

Today on Genevieve’s reviews of books and movies, we have a 1990s animated Musical, the Swan Princess. This will be especially fun if you remember my review of Sleeping Beauty.